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Siberia Station Spa

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Siberia Station Spa, located north of Québec City at 339 Rue de Genève, Québec, is a beauty. It underlines the reason we blog about experiences. This outdoor-indoor combination spa comes at a surprisingly reasonable price with its all-day spa package at only 47 CAD allowing access from 9 am - 9 pm! There are also combos for spa + massage/dinner etc. All in all, it’s a perfect gift too.

Siberia Station Spa is situated far away from the noise amidst a forest that lets you get in touch with origins once again. It is inspired by a Scandinavian concept of alternating hot, cold, and rest treatment till the body reaches a state of deep relaxation. This therapy is said to provide several benefits such as reduction of stress, cleansing the body of toxins, muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, skin care and more. We were advised to come here with at least 3 hours in hand to fully experience what this spa has to offer. We arrived at the station at 10 am and were checked-in by a friendly and very helpful host who gave us a tour of the spa and details of how we were to go about the therapy. The spa houses 4 hot stations: Hot Basin, Steam Bath, Dry Sauna and Infrared Sauna; 2 cold stations: Cold Basin and the River (quite literally!); and finally, the rest stations: Pavillion Upe, Siberian Yurt and the Lodge, among a few others. The 3-step repetitive process is quite simple: you calm the body and mind in one of the hot stations for a while, then give them a sudden wake-up in cold water and finally, lounge and rest to the natural sounds of the wind, the birds, the trickling water and the quietude.

Once we had switched our phones off, were out of our clothes and in our bathing suits, we were all set to relax after a 3-day journey. First up was the Hot Basin, one of several distributed across the outdoor site. It is a natural starting point, given the pristine steaming basin of warm water with a beautiful unobstructed view of tall trees, a steadily flowing river nearby and open sky. It is heavenly! We could instantly feel our bodies relax and let go. The jets of water shooting out underneath serves as a welcome tissue massage for your palms, feet and back. Yet, even as your heart begins to speak out through its relaxed beats, it is soon time to give it some shock therapy. As you step out of the basin, you must now enter one of the chilled waterfalls around. The water is naturally cold in this northern, Quebecois region of Canada. This part required a quick run-in and run-out for me even though the macho Mr. Fly was happy braving the chills. While some may feel compelled to skip this part, we strongly recommend not to. This exciting, if inconvenient, step is important to the physiological healing you are subjecting the body and mind to, activating your nervous system. The final step is one where you relax - for starters, in a muskoka chair by a fireplace, surrendering to the sound of the slow breeze humming around like soothing music.  Round 2! This time we went into the Steam Room. We entered a fairly large size room filled with hot steam and a light smell of Eucalyptus oil. As advised by our host, we carried our bottle of water (provided by the station) and a bucket of ice. Occasionally placing cubes of ice on our necks as they melted away, we sat for about 5 - 10 minutes here to help calm muscle tension. Following the quick run-in, run-out at the Cold Basin, we now had bed swings to relax on!  Round 3! This one was an Infrared Sauna - a tiny wooden room with dim lights and light music, passing infrared rays through our bodies. Post another chilled waterfall outside, we chose to relax on hammocks, hung between trees right by the gently flowing river. As we lay down in our respective shells, surrounded by the majesty of forest cover, the line thinned between wakefulness and sleep. The eyes were open, yet with all surrounding view cut-off, except for the leaves and the sky, the mind had gone silent. You will be forgiven for catching a quick nap if you so choose.  Round 4! Our final round began in a Hot Stone room. The tiara, though, was won here by the cold therapy - a quick dip in the steady flowing Yellow River in the middle of the forest! For those quick seconds, I felt the river embrace me, spreading her soothing balm all over. So it was only fitting to choose one of the riverside Adirondacks after. These isolated beds overseeing the river and facing the opposite bank of thick green cover were our moment to say a personal goodbye to the place. The spa had several other options to try too - from yurt to igloo to indoor upper-level beds. Starved for time, we couldn’t explore them all, or even the cafe which we hear has good comfort food to follow the experience with. Siberia Station Spa is open all year-round. We can only imagine this outdoor experience when covered in snow around. Some things are best saved for a next time though. We will be going back to the sound of the steady stream, the breeze gently blowing around and this escape into serenity where all we could hear were the murmurs of mother nature gently breathing life back into us.

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