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Parisian Gastronomy by Bustronome

Fine dining and a tour through the City of Lights on-the-go is a unique concept brought to you by Bustronome. This gastronomy is housed in a luxury double-decker restaurant-bus made with an all-glass roof and sides to give its guests a panoramic view while they are driven through the Parisian heritage.  Bustronome gets full marks for both the tour and its food.

On board, guests are served 4 - 6 courses, each curated by a separate chef and prepared from the finest season products designed to give its diners the best of French gastronomy. The added delight to this experience is the music that plays on softly in the background giving everyone a calm and peaceful feeling. Diners are also offered a map and a sleek audio phone each, to listen to the history behind each landmark as the bus drives past it.

While we enjoyed the passing views of Eiffel Tower, Pont Alexandre III, Grand Palais, Musee du Louvre, Concorde and more, we were served exquisite indulgences. In spite of the menu being primarily non-vegetarian, the Bustronome team managed to serve us vegetarian delights too with wine that paired perfectly. Our four-course gastronomy began with a plate of 65-degree egg dressed in cream of Salsifis. It was followed by Mashed rutabaga and passion fruit condiments. The third course was that of wild rice and boiled veggies. It is no exaggeration to say that each of these pampered our tongues. The chef, of course, saved the best for the last - with a mind-blowing eclair-like dessert. The showstopper was a concoction of Pineapple ‘Paris-Brest’, salted butter caramel and praline ice cream. Heaven!

Aboard this restaurant on wheels, it will be your choice whether you want to merely enjoy the sites, dine and talk to each other or be a history buff and enjoy your private multilingual audio tour while you admire the magnificent Parisian heritage as you feed on the city’s finest trickles. And hey, should be in a romantic mood and want to propose to your lovely partner, this could most definitely be one of your spots!


65€ : Menu without drink

85€ : Menu with wine pairing

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