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Original Beer Spa - A Beer Soaked Experience in Prague

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

If you ever decide to go on trip across the golden triangle, PragueVienna and Budapest, don't forget to stop over at Prague's Original Beer Spa. Trust us! It's a heavenly experience.  On the second day of our visit to Prague we woke up late & headed out for this very Czech-start to our morning. The Beer Spa is just as awesome as it sounds. It’s a unique concept where you get to sit & soak in barrels of beer (technically, it’s a mix of beer ingredients) while sipping on limited beer on a dedicated tap right beside you (!) and munch on bread! In a country where beer is cheaper than water, it should come as no surprise to see this as a possibility.

Reservations are advised for a one-hour session, during which Mr. Fly and I had the room to ourselves. The process is as follows: once you are led to your room and introduced to the concept, the host leaves you to things after starting a timer. You start with a very quick shower in the adjoining bathroom, post which you can step into the beer tub.  2 things to keep in mind for the beer spa, besides making an advance reservation:

If possible and comfortable, we’d advise you go into the tub naked. The sensual element aside, it’ll help you avoid stinky lingerie/inners laterDo not shower immediately after the beer tub. The Beer Spa folks will advise you of the same as it’s part of the detoxification process. While the clothes may stink later, rest assured you won’t. And as much as I was unsure about this, my doubts were cleared well enough once I had experienced all this. As we stepped in and sat down the tub, the warm water (read: beer) bubbling with underwater jets soothed our muscles while the beer detoxified our skin (that bit looks to be scientifically true). This is your moment to fill in your mug with free flowing beer on tap right beside you, grab a slice of bread to munch by the side and enjoy the combo while the beer does its job on your body - both in and out. We chit chatted and cozied up in the ensuing minutes, wary of the time though.  With around 15 minutes to go, we moved out of the tub and onto… a straw bed! As if the experience needed more of a barn feel to it, we spent the next ten minutes or so gently dozing off and letting our bodies cool down and relax more. The straws can poke your skin, which is why you are provided with a bed sheet to spread over, and a blanket to be extra warm. You will be inclined to doze off too, but give yourself the last 5 minutes once the warning buzzer sounds, to get dry and get dressed before the host shows up in the room.  ​While your stay in the room is limited to the clock, your visit to the beer spa isn’t. You are free to help yourself to more beer and bread outside in the lobby. With beer inside helping your mind loosen up and the beer outside helping the muscles (and your now-glowing skin), the spa leaves you with a rather oxymoronic feeling of a soothing sense of fun. A unique experience worth trying! To explore other such fun experiences in Prague click here.

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