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Lost in Somewhereness With Cafe Belong

Our journey begins  at an old factory backyard called Evergreen Brick Works. A factory that once heard many metals clinks, was now buzzing with giggles and chatter of people who were enjoying the warmth of the sun on their skin and indulging in the small pleasures of life.

Amidst this beautifully dilapidated, abandoned yet lively structure was a quaint little restaurant. With closely nested tables, Cafe Belong made everyone feel like they belonged to a single great conversation - often about the delicious looking dish on your neighbors table, while  man’s best friend, furry and bright, could be seen basking in the bright sunlight to accentuate what this day was all about.

The food, tad pricey, justifies itself in no time. Our order began with  a plate of two very fresh eggs poached to perfection and placed delicately on a crisp buttermilk biscuit, garnished with an avocado spread and caramelized onions with a side of salad - all soaked in their thick Hollandaise sauce. With just so much as a touch of a knife these perfectly poached eggs opened themselves to what looked like a slow yet delicious stream of yolk that made me feel like it was my sunny Sunday’s best friend named Eggs Be! Our  sweeter inclinations led us to our next order, Buttermilk Pancakes! - Four very fluffy pancakes lay dressed in grilled peaches, blueberries and, wait for it, edible flowers! Topped with a scoop of vanilla mascarpone and dressed in almond crumble plus salted caramel - these little touches are what the food at this cafe is all about. Consider the humble french fries, which our neighbour ordered after seeing our plate, which incidentally, we had ordered looking at the other neighbour's table! 

These Deep-Fried Chips were way  thicker than usual and crisped enough to make our neighbor hear the delicious crunch in our mouth. It makes for a perfect sider! We concluded with glasses of fresh lemonade and a blend of orange and mango juice, ultimately implored by our tummies to rest through the following seconds in their aptly placed Muskoka chairs

What we couldn’t try from their goblet of Somewhereness was the wine. The cafe describes it as such: A group of wineries who thought that there was enough fakeness and that it was high time that some form of inimitable genuineness be bought to this world, came together and made a wine of pure honesty. An optimistic goblet filled with a blend made in Ontario’s ancient glacial, this wine is designed to give you the original taste of Somewhereness.

Roofed with a nest like chandelier and an aroma of striking essences, this quaint restaurant has another section, paved with an exotic entrance. Breezing through this little store one can see handmade soaps of various combinations like mint and chocolate, turmeric or charcoal and so many more. . With organic offerings in the form of soups, syrups, honey and other cooking condiments, and other pretty little artifacts to spruce up your home décor as well as brighten up your patio, this store offers a nice excuse for an idle post-meal stroll.

Before we made our way to truly discover the somewhereness,  we took a short walk to another area of this magnanimous repurposed factory. What caught my attention was the sound of many children laughing. A beautiful area created at the backdoors of this abandoned factory, this farm like set up seemed like it was made to take children back to their roots, back to the beauty of our humble mother nature. Toddlers ran around freely, laughing and enjoying their surroundings. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbages grew all around this little play zone. A beautiful flower adorned this factory’s back wall. Nearby laya flea market! And that is where our discovery begins.

f you love adventure and want to go on a hike from Evergreen Brick Works to Crothers Woods, click here.

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