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Vienna & Bratislava in 2 Days

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

This blog consists of 4 parts, focused on Prague, Halstatt & Krippenstein, Vienna & Bratislava, and Budapest respectively. Feel free to jump to the section of your choice. The capital cities of Prague, Vienna & Budapest are often referred to as the Golden Triangle. And while little Bratislava often passes under the radar, it deserves attention during any visit to this area - for the welcoming people, if nothing else. In 11 days, we covered all these cities, AND a fascinating Austrian gem a.k.a must-visit, even though it took us beyond the triangle. This is Part 3 of the blog. Click to see Part 1 (Prague) or Part 2 (Hallstatt & Krippenstein). Part 3 - Vienna & Bratislava: 

​Day 1 – There’s a lot to do in Vienna, like in any major capital - the river side, Duomo and the shopping streets around this main cathedral being prime examples. Both the cathedral and the brand-laden streets surrounding it are worth lingering in. A few peculiar visits on our itinerary included a visit to the Schmetterlinghaus: The Imperial Butterfly Park, and a gentle walk down the street to the Sacher Hotel for their uber-famous Sachertorte -  a classic Viennese cake that combines chocolate and jam in a heavily guarded original recipe invented by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich. Across the street from the Sacher Hotel is the royal Vienna State Opera, worth a visit and even an opera show if it meets your taste. Mr. Fly and I went, tuxed and dressed respectively, to catch Fidelio, the only opera written by Beethoven. And in a classically loco fashion, we walked out of the regality to grab a Falafel pita on a streetside bench at a little stall - oh, the memories!

Day 2 - The next day was Mr. Fly’s birthday and he of course planned it in a novel fashion. To put it succinctly, we woke up in Vienna, spent the day in Bratislava and slept off in Budapest (Leaving me to plan this part of his day)! The three capital cities are amazingly close to each other and Bratislava deserves a stop on the way. The residents were the friendliest we came across on our trip. The city is small enough to cover on foot in a day. You can start at the Bratislava castle (though, with Budapest castle coming up too, you may find yourself overwhelmed by castle visits). Stroll out to the other side of Staromestska street to zigzag across the little alleyways, exploring the shops, the Roland’s Fountain, the famous Man at Work statue, and Laurinska street until you arrive at the picturesque Blue Church. This stretch post the castle can also be done in reverse fashion, as it will conveniently lead you close to the Most SNP or the Bridge of Slovak National Uprising. On the other end of this bridge is the UFO observation deck and restaurant, an excellent spot towering over the city to feast and drink through a sunset on river Danube. An honorary mention must also be made to Teleport for the party aficionados, but then there’s something even more amazing awaiting in our next phase of the trip. Let’s jump straight to it. Click here to head to Part 4 of our trip!

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